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The power of nature in your hands.

For more than seventy years, people have counted on Poulan Pro to provide them with all the power they need to tame nature. Today, Poulan Pro is giving you the power of nature to tame cleaning – with a line of steam products that take heavy duty cleaning to the next level. Ordinary water heated to 212˚F effectively cleans surfaces with no chemicals or artificial scents. At this temperature the steam safely kills bacteria and germs but is safe for most surfaces in and around the home.

No harsh chemicals.

Not only do they have the power to get the job done, they are also a smart alternative to cleaning with harsh chemicals. The power of hot steam kills bacteria and allergens effectively deodorizing and sanitizing surfaces, without the use of chemical-based cleaners. One steam cleaner is versatile enough to replace multiple household cleaning products.

No Harsh Chemicals - Poulan Pro Steam
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Blast away grime.

Hot steam blasts away dirt, grease and grime by penetrating surfaces and breaking down dirt particles. The intense heat loosens sticky, oily messes and does most of the work – so you don’t have to. Specialized accessories are included with each PowerSteam unit for even more versatile cleaning.